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Hax0r Extraordinaire tinkering with computers for over 20 years serving varied clients ranging from one-man shops to corporations with over 10k employees. With vast experience in all walks of technology, from obscure and forgotten formats like EDI to the latest craze in geolocation and mobile apps. Been there, done that, all I got was this silly web page.

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Mad Skillz

  • Love Python and Golang, but love Python more.
  • Know PHP more than Python but Python is sweeter.
  • Done plenty of HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Eaten SQL and NO-SQL with bacon for breakfast.
  • Built clouds on App Engine, Amazon and Heroku.
  • iOS, iPhone and iPad mobile development too.
  • Done it all. Can do it all again for you. Just ask.
  • George was a pleasure to work with. He is very savvy and confident in his web application development. Feature requests, no matter how bizarre, were expertly dissected and implemented by Mr. Nava. To work with George is a pleasure. Just make sure you keep him challenged!

    Tony Carrera founder

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